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Breakfast Specials

Start your morning right with Lina's Bakery's breakfast specials. Dive into meat-stuffed crepes, berry-laden waffles, and more. Freshly baked in Lake Forest Park for a delightful beginning to your day.

Breakfast Specials

  • Morning Fuel ($14.99): Kickstart your day with our stuffed meat crepes. Imagine ground beef perfectly enveloped in soft crepes, with a generous side of sour cream. Top it off with your choice of melted butter. It's a blend of Russian, Ukrainian, and French culinary art.

  • Waffle Wonderland ($14.99): Float in the sweet embrace of our Venice waffle. Served with whipped cream, fresh berries, and syrup, this dish is an homage to the renowned waffle traditions of France and Belgium.

  • Veggy Bonanza ($14.99): For those who crave a lighter, veg-filled start, our potato waffle topped with a fresh veggie salad is the answer. Complemented with sour cream, this dish draws inspiration from Great Britain, Ireland, Canada, and Australia.

  • Cheesy Delights ($8.99): Three pieces of fried quark (Farmer's Cheese) pancakes, known as Syrniki, await you. Paired perfectly with either raspberry or strawberry jam and sour cream, this dish represents the heart of Russian, Ukrainian, Belorussian, Serbian, and Polish breakfast traditions.

  • Scrambled Surprise ($14.99): Dive into a mixture of fresh vegetables, eggs, cheese, and bacon, all baked to perfection. Served with toast, this dish echoes the breakfast favorites of Italy, Spain, and Portugal.

  • Crepes Party ($7.99): Three soft crepes ready to be dressed with your choice: be it jam (raspberry or strawberry), whipped cream with assorted berries, or the ever-loved combination of chocolate syrup and bananas. Experience a touch of Russian, Ukrainian, and French flavors in every bite.

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