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Full Course Event Catering in Seattle

Experience gourmet event catering in Seattle with Lina's Bakery. Fresh pirozhkis, pastries, and personalized service for your special occasions.

Experience Our Food: A Fusion of European and American Classics! Homestyle Comfort Food With A Classic Presentation!

At Lina's Bakery, we're not just about the taste; we're about the visual treat too! Check out our food gallery to get a glimpse of our freshly baked pirozhkis, comforting soups, and a collection of pastries that look as good as they taste. Each item is a testament to our dedication to quality and our love for baking. Come see for yourself what keeps our customers coming back!


Discover Seattle's Premier Catering Service

At Lina's Bakery, we're not just about delivering food; we're about crafting experiences. Rooted deeply in Seattle's vibrant culture, our catering services mirror the city's eclectic taste palette. From corporate events to intimate family gatherings, we serve with passion.


Why Choose Lina's for Seattle Events?

  • Local Flavors: Our menu resonates with Seattle's culinary spirit, combining local ingredients with global recipes.

  • Customization: Tailored menus to fit the unique needs of each event in Seattle.

  • Timely Service: Punctuality is our promise. Your event starts on time with everything in place.

  • Comprehensive Offerings: From starters to desserts, we handle all your catering needs, ensuring a hassle-free experience.


Book Your Seattle Event Today!

Elevate your Seattle event with a touch of Lina's Bakery. Dive into our menu, savor the flavors, and let us handle the rest. Ready to make your event memorable? Reach out today and let's bring your culinary vision to life!

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