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Lina's Bakery 
Serving Seattle, Eastside & Beyond!

Pirozhki, Soup, Breakfast, Lunch & Catering

Come and get some comfort food!

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Our Menu & Specials

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Taste the Magic at Lina's Bakery

Fresh Baked Daily

We're right in the middle of Town Center at Lake Forest Park. If you're looking for something tasty, you're in the right spot. We bake fresh stuff every day. Our best items? Pirozhkis, soups, and some really good pastries.

Got a party or just want to treat someone? We've got cakes, cookies, and pies ready to go. And remember, there’s nothing like giving someone fresh baked goods to show you care.

We’re open every day from 9 AM to 6 PM. You can swing by to pick something up or even get it delivered without any contact. Hope to see you soon!

Cities & Neighborhoods We Serve

Located in Lake Forest Park, we serve customers from Seattle to Bellevue and beyond!

Gallery of Our Food

At Lina's Bakery, we're not just about the taste; we're about the visual treat too! Check out our food gallery to get a glimpse of our freshly baked pirozhkis, comforting soups, and a collection of pastries that look as good as they taste. Each item is a testament to our dedication to quality and our love for baking. Come see for yourself what keeps our customers coming back!

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